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What a contrast! A scary, terrorist looking chap showing his jockstrap - uniquely clever and artistic indeed!


so very friday 13...great set of shots...


the mask makes me think about jason in friday13 movie:-P btw kinda cool looking and makes a nice contrast from the surrounding...nice capture:-))


Nice shots of a scary dude. If I was boating and saw this guy I'd run


Oh the Phantom of the Fishpond! Hahahaha! I think it's a wise thing to do especially in the hot sun but where are the rest of his clothes?


Wow, that's a bit unnerving. The set of his mouth is somewhat less than friendl also.


Very scary. Also, here in the south in the United States, a white mask has negative cultural connotations, which to me gave the photo even more impact.


An eye-catching fellow for sure. I don't know why he's wearing the mask, but it would great for October 31st. Fine series.


To all:
This hood protects the fisherman’s face from the sun. The sun is really burning in the Philippines. Those guys are on water (reflection of the sun) all day long and all year round. They need something to protect their skin. A lot of fishermen wear hoods. Fishermen don’t use sun cream…

Even with sun cream on, I managed to be sun burned after one day on the lake. I forgot to take my sunglasses with me (anyway it is not really practical to wear sunglasses when you are on a photo shoot) and my eyes ached for several days.


As the other of course I wonder : where is the mask for ?


eeek, what is the purpose of that? scary!


Glad you thought he was scary! However, the adidas top and speedos (?) make it look almost comical.


Yep, the hood does give him something scary.
Must have some functional use, I guess.


this mask-man is very scary ... any reason for this mask?


great shot

nive view of this


Yes, Scary indeed. Perhaps well-known people fishing incognito...

Dave Mac

Scary is right...what's the deal with that?


Many thanks for your visit and comments about my photo. I agread with you but not easy to shoot it.
Kindly, I'l come again.

Otto K.

Yeah, that's kinda scary. Any idea why he's wearing that mask?

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